"The world belongs to the one who enjoys it."

Cheese is my absolute passion.

Does that sound familiar?

The fact that so many people share this passion with me, and yet it is often difficult to get special cheeses in a top quality, motivated me to realize my dream of having my own cheese store.

My credo has always been: fairness and correctness towards our customers, because without our customers we would not be where we are today.

Under the name CHEESELABEL, customers can expect everything that I myself have long sought: first-class cheese.

Freshness guarantee included!

This is what our satisfied customers say:


For the umpteenth time, I order Käsekrainer from Germany each Sunday for a party the following weekend.

Ulrich H



All good, tasted good, fast delivery, can not be better.

Christine W.



Very tasty cheese. Ordering is always a pleasure.

Reinhard S.



Very tasty offer and my favorite cheese also with chocolate (caramelized Norwegian goat cheese) - delightful

Katharina R.



Very fast well packaged delivery!
Sausages very tasty!

Harald U.



Incomplete delivery, subsequent delivery was made but! Thus, all is well. Thank you

S. S.



Fast delivery. Would be super packed with cooling pads.

Michael M.



Prompt delivery, good service

Ulrich S.


Why Cheeselabel?


With us you get excellent organic cheese, homemade chutney and delicious wine from southern Styria.

Each cheese is freshly cut down from the loaf, vacuumed immediately after and shipped quickly. Thus, we guarantee a short delivery time with maximum freshness.

Customer = King
Without our customers, we would not be where we are today. Therefore, fair dealings with our customers are naturally part of our service.

Cheese that suits any occasion and will give you a treat.

Large selection, sustainably produced and available at fair prices.

No matter what your preferences are, you'll find it here.

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"Absolutely brilliant creation"

- Hannes, ordered truffle cheese'liver cheese

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